December 18, 2012

Out Now – Matheus Mota – Desenho


About a month ago Matheus Mota made ​​available on the internet his first album Desenho, now released by Cloud Chapel in limited edition CD.

Matheus integrates a new scene of Recife headed by him, Zeca Viana and D Mingus that has little to do with that long caretão* Recife we are used to hear since the 90s.

The main line of the album is drawn by alternating almost serialist melodic lines (those ones that birds can’t sing) with high-pop moments, as if the spirits of Arrigo Barnabé and Guilherme Arantes fought for the guy’s body.

The recording is home based, except for the voices that were recorded in a studio and made it to be the most expensive Cloud Chapel production to date, totaling 60 reais (close to 30 dollars).

You can download it for free in the ‘download’ section, get the CD for 5 dollars in the ‘shop’ or hear it on the new label’s bandcamp.

Happy holidays.

* something like ‘dull, uninteresting’

Label’s Bandcamp

Cloud Chapel now has a bandcamp page:

November 1, 2011

The 90s style GBV website

The first time I accessed the internet was when I was 18, in 1999, in a place where I worked in the neighborhood of Ipiranga in Sao Paulo, close to my mother’s house (where I lived). It was a company whose employees were just me, another nerd guy and the owner. I looked at that thing (the Internet) and asked the nerd guy:

“Is it possible to find something about a band I like on this thing?”
“Yes, what’s the name of the band?”
“Guided By Voices”

He got to some pre-Google search engine and found

The site has hardly changed since then.
So last week I found a largehearted boy’s list where Cloud Chapel’s site appears along with that of GBV.

It’s like, don’t know, I was moved.

August 29, 2011

Video – Península Fernandes – Pop Canção

Video built by Península Fernandes for the track ‘Pop Canção’ from his just-released album ‘Savoia’.

August 16, 2011

Out Now – Península Fernandes – Savoia

The great synth operator and baseball strategist Península Fernandes is back.
His second album is named ‘Savoia’ and it comprises 8 pieces in which he seeks to deal with his gods and other issues through his characteristic synths and samples.
You can download the album now at the download section. The CD’s are already available for pre-order at the shop section but they start to be sent only after September 5th because the Cloud Chapel Store currently finds itself strolling around.
Here’s the tracklist.
Music video soon. Stay tuned.

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