November 25, 2014

Out Now – mario maria – Abertura do Programa

When Cloud Chapel started in 2009, the main goal was to find bedroom recorders who made music in a special kind of spirit, which is hard to describe but easy to recognize once you face it. Furthermore, the goal was also to discover people and artists still unknown, who would emerge out of nothing and send an email from anywhere around the country.

The spirit is there somehow in all the previously released records, but all the other recorders were somehow already known for me before releasing through the label. There were unknown people sending emails too, but they didn’t have the label’s spirit.

It took three years for someone to come along that would meet these requirements accurately, but it happened by the middle of 2012: A Twitter DM came up with a link and some message like “These songs are from mario maria, which is me”. That it was. That was exacly what the label was looking for.

Two years and a lot of talking after that and mario maria’s debut album, Abertura do Programa, was done. We are putting it out today.

The album is comprised of 10 tracks that make use of a combination of techniques, specially collage, sampling and songwriting.
We wouldn’t dare to talk about the spirit of the record here at this post, for fear of disrupting the listening experience.

You can download Abertura do Programa here above on the download section and stream it on Cloud Chapel’s bandcamp linked above as well.

A limited edition of CDs and Cassettes will be out soon.

May God bless you.

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