October 3, 2015

Out Now – Ivy Walker


Ivy Walker is the first supergroup formed within Cloud Chapel, by merging of mario maria (Mario Cascardo) and Babality (Lucas Stamford and Romulo Moraes).

The eponymous album is an inner perception journey, involving memory, self-awareness and attention to the things of the world. Singalonging songs and soundscapes chain up and blend together throughout the album, built on samples, voices, effects and more traditional instruments.

In both the music and the album cover – made by the computer artist asndor – you can pick up references to perceived things from now and from the past, such as Dungeons & Dragons, Ayrton Senna and everything that surrounds him, Playstation One games, the movie The Village (hence the name of the band, which is the blind girl’s character), the current youth culture from Rio de Janeiro and Catholicism.

Alongside the record it comes out the clip for the hit song Si Te Quiero, produced by the band assisted by Cafezinho da Lagoa’s ambassador Felipe Santoro.

The album comes out in a limited edition of CDs (already available in the shop) and cassettes (within one week), and also digitally in:

– Spotify, Rdio, Deezer and the like;

– Digital stores like Amazon and iTunes;

– The label’s Bandcamp;

– The download section.

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