October 3, 2015

Out Now – Ivy Walker


Ivy Walker is the first supergroup formed within Cloud Chapel, by merging of mario maria (Mario Cascardo) and Babality (Lucas Stamford and Romulo Moraes).

The eponymous album is an inner perception journey, involving memory, self-awareness and attention to the things of the world. Singalonging songs and soundscapes chain up and blend together throughout the album, built on samples, voices, effects and more traditional instruments.

In both the music and the album cover – made by the computer artist asndor – you can pick up references to perceived things from now and from the past, such as Dungeons & Dragons, Ayrton Senna and everything that surrounds him, Playstation One games, the movie The Village (hence the name of the band, which is the blind girl’s character), the current youth culture from Rio de Janeiro and Catholicism.

Alongside the record it comes out the clip for the hit song Si Te Quiero, produced by the band assisted by Cafezinho da Lagoa’s ambassador Felipe Santoro.

The album comes out in a limited edition of CDs (already available in the shop) and cassettes (within one week), and also digitally in:

– Spotify, Rdio, Deezer and the like;

– Digital stores like Amazon and iTunes;

– The label’s Bandcamp;

– The download section.

June 30, 2015

New mario maria videos

Mario found some footage recorded in the 70s by the (apparently) Dutch aeromodeller Edmund Liem and made two new videos for songs taken from the album Abertura do Programa.

Own Fever


December 16, 2014

Video for mario maria’s Menos Carne

Menos Carne is the 4th track of th album Abertura do Programa

November 25, 2014

Out Now – mario maria – Abertura do Programa

When Cloud Chapel started in 2009, the main goal was to find bedroom recorders who made music in a special kind of spirit, which is hard to describe but easy to recognize once you face it. Furthermore, the goal was also to discover people and artists still unknown, who would emerge out of nothing and send an email from anywhere around the country.

The spirit is there somehow in all the previously released records, but all the other recorders were somehow already known for me before releasing through the label. There were unknown people sending emails too, but they didn’t have the label’s spirit.

It took three years for someone to come along that would meet these requirements accurately, but it happened by the middle of 2012: A Twitter DM came up with a link and some message like “These songs are from mario maria, which is me”. That it was. That was exacly what the label was looking for.

Two years and a lot of talking after that and mario maria’s debut album, Abertura do Programa, was done. We are putting it out today.

The album is comprised of 10 tracks that make use of a combination of techniques, specially collage, sampling and songwriting.
We wouldn’t dare to talk about the spirit of the record here at this post, for fear of disrupting the listening experience.

You can download Abertura do Programa here above on the download section and stream it on Cloud Chapel’s bandcamp linked above as well.

A limited edition of CDs and Cassettes will be out soon.

May God bless you.

May 2, 2013

Out Now – Digital Ameríndio & (American Bigfoot) Mouse Mouse Joe – Intensos Animais Imperceptíveis


Some years ago I asked himself:
– Who is Digital Ameríndio (Amerindian Digital)?
– The important thing about this is that it means Digital Ameríndio (Amerindian Digital) and not Ameríndio Digital (Digital Amerindian)
– …
– It’s not about a high-tech Amerindian adapted to the digital world and this kind of thing, it is in fact about a fella that deals with the digital world as a traditional Amerindian would, for example: if the computer doesn’t work he starts slapping the machine and saying like “hey! c’mon? what’s up?”.

So, Sandro Rodrigues, the creator of Digital Ameríndio, is possibly the most psychedelic person alive in the whole country. Last year he invited the musicians Löis Lancaster, Pedro Bonifrate, Robson Piva and Gabriel Ares to form the group that he named as ‘(American Bigfoot) Mouse Mouse Joe’ and they recorded this Intensos Animais Imperceptíveis, his first work with the band, which features brand new songs and new versions of pieces that appeared in the previous records a incomensurável piração psicodélica, degenerativa, transgênica e generalizada do bizarro mundo mágico de orleans e braguilhas [1999], muito tarde (EP) [2007] and ‘, mas qual?’ [2008].

The album’s sound forms vary considerably and its unit is given by an idea that you can intuit after a few auditions, perhaps with a little help from the preceding paragraphs. Sometimes it sounds like a Mercury Rev from Bonsuça*, sometimes as a seresteiro**, others as a witch doctor/ João Gilberto, but none of this is really clear.

As usual you can download the album for free on the ‘download’ section, get a CD for 5 bucks in the ‘shop’ section or hear it on the label’s bandcamp.

Happy May 1st.

* nickname of a neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro (real name: Bonsucesso)
** the literal translation would be ‘serenader’ but the actual meaning realates to something closer to a bard

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